Ann-Louise Ryrvik

Ann-Louise Ryrvik

Out of Control - Dare to Shape!

Out of Control – Dare to Shape!

Out of control – Dare to Shape! Animal training is a skill that comes from hours and hours of practice. Sometimes we get stuck in theoretical reasoning that we never get to the actual practical training. Training is fun, and daring to give up control is important. No need to be afraid. Just do it!

About Ann-Louise:

Ann-Louise Ryrvik is an animal trainer and clicker training instructor: She has been training animals of different specience ever since she was a child – birds, fish, squirrels and everything in between. Horses and dogs have always been part of her life, and she has been competing in high levels obedience and working dog trials.  For Ann-Louise, seeing each animal a subjective being is key and she stresses the imortance of empowering them to be active and driving participants in their own learning.

Ann-Louise runs Häst & Hundskolan(Horse and Dog School) where she offers classes and workshop for all animals and all people! Since we work from behavioral principles, how we teach suits not only horses and dogs but all species and all behaviors. We have experience with a wide variety of species including chicken, fish and squirrels! Joy and cooperations are top priority – training should be fun for both learner and teacher, and positive reinforcement training is our way to go!


Här är en variant på att hästen startar en händelse genom en ja-knapp men också har makten att stoppa genom att släppa knappen.

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