Carpe Momentum

Carpe Momentum is the collaboration between us, Eva Bertilsson (ccc2019 organizer and speaker) and Emelie Johnson Vegh . We reside in Sweden: Emelie lives in Malmö in the south, and Eva 400 kilometer further north, in Ljungskile on the west coast.

Our aim is to aid people in their attempts to aquire knowledge and skills in science-based, modern, humane and empowering teaching strategies, for the benefit of learners of all species.

Working with choice, control and communication from an ABC/behavior analysis perspective is at core of what we do, and has developed into one of our main teaching areas. Together with Peggy Hogan we are developing a webpage where we gather some of our material on this topic.

Another of our specialities is to coach trainers in honing the details within a training session; appreciated by animal trainers of all venues and specialities. We also teach general principles of behavior and learning.  In addition, we are both level 3 certified TAGteachers and offer TAGteach seminars and consultations, and teach seminars on human learning and how to apply positive reinforcement techniques with human learners (be it oneself, or others).

Eva is responsible for the ccc2019 conference, and we’ll both be presenting there. See you in Ljungskile!

Sponsored with:

  • Tagulators
  • Agility right from the start signed 

We also teach online at!