Domesticated Manners

Domesticated Manners is run by Chirag Patel (ccc2019 speaker) and supported by a team of invaluable assistants, all of whom you can learn more about below. Domesticated Manners started by helping dogs and their people in 2004 and has since evolved to where we are now offering assistance to both domestic and wild animals in a wide range of setting internationally. This includes range of pets in the home, laboratories, zoos, organisations such as Dogs Trust, Guide Dogs for the Blind Association, British Columbia SPCA and Kong amongst others. Domesticated Manners has consulted with clients, taught workshop and seminars in the UK, Europe, USA, Canada, Australia, Mexico and in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Domesticated Manners has its home base in the London / Essex border. Consultations, training sessions and workshops outside of these areas are arranged on request.

You can also follow us and learn more about what we do – including the WOOF! conference – on