Göteborgs Djurskyddsförening

Göteborgs Djurskyddsförening (Gothenburg animal rescue center) is the oldest animal protection compound in Sweden, founded in 1869. This non-profit association takes care of small pets, mostly cats but also other species. The goal is to give every individual the chance of a new home and a happy and safe life.

The staff at Göteborgs Djurskyddsförening are FearFree certified and committed to providing choice and control, minimizing fear and establishing positive reinforcement based cooperative care for all their animals. Please check out their fb page, especially the video section!

Lilo övar på att få klorna klippta!💕🐰Så duktig och trygg! Snart ska hon och hennes mamma Jasmin flytta till sitt nya hem.💕😍

Publicerat av Göteborgs Djurskyddsförening Tisdag 9 april 2019

Göteborgs Djurskyddsförening also cooperates with Eva Bertilsson, Carpe Momentum in advancing practices and providing lectures and seminars!